The 7 Dimensions for Blockchain Project Management 

The 7 Dimensions for Blockchain Project Management Tech has taken off. The first wave was Web1 (remember Yahoo and Craigslist?) and then came Web2 (think Netflix and Uber). Think about all the apps your phone … God forbid we have to live without our phone for a day? This is what the famous adage “software […]

Looking for Trending Crypto News?

Author: Mujahid Murtaza (Co-Founder – Mertium) Got the crypto bug? But can’t keep up? Lots of us in that camp! At Hypermode we are incubating Mertium – a crypto & finance news aggregator that uses advanced AI to show trending crypto news along with latest market trends in a hyper-personalized manner. Crypto is exploding! Bitcoin was the fastest to […]

The Cult Space is Discord! 

Step by Step Guide to Scaling your Crypto Community The Cult Space is Discord! The most widely used platform for Crypto/Blockchain projects is Discord. With features that enable to set the stage for crypto community to build and grow, below we explore Discord as the favorite platform! Deep Dive: Discord Growth Hacks We have 5 […]

Crypto Community Management Guide Crypto Community Management Guide

Crypto Community Management Guide Kick Starting Community Management and Approach to scale the Web3 Communities (This is Step 2 in our blog post series: “Hyper Scaling your Crypto & Web3 Community! “) Kickstarting your community management can be tough at times, but we are here to make this journey smoother. Here is the step-by-step guide […]

Crypto Community Management GuideCrypto Community Management Guide

Crypto Community Management Guide Background and Engineering Followership (Step 1) (This is Step 1 in our blog post series: “Hyper Scaling your Crypto & Web3 Community!“) Crypto / Web3 projects are all powered by community. Without community, they are nothing. The original blockchain – Bitcoin – has not just survived but thrived on the back […]

Hyper Scaling your Crypto & Web3 Community! 

Hyper Scaling your Crypto & Web3 Community! Creating a vibrant and connected Community is foundational for crypto/web3 projects. Why? These projects are built on top of blockchains. Inherent in blockchains is ownership. Network effects are enabled when a large community “owns” a project, this in turn drives success.   It’s no different from winning an election, […]

Token Launch Strategy 

Token Launch Strategy After a business has successfully analyzed the token-to-market-fit, market, mechanism and token pillars, a token launch strategy is implemented. All Web3 projects follow one of the following three strategies for their token launch: : After several years of operation, understood its customers well and then launched a token with different […]

Hypermode Methodology – Framework for Tokonomics Design 

Hypermode Methodology – Framework for Tokenomics Design At Hypermode, we have developed a framework for creative and practical use cases for crypto tokens. Steps to design Tokenomics for a blockchain or Web3 project: Token-to-market-fit analysis Analysis of market, mechanism, and token design Token launch strategy Token-to-Market-Fit Analysis The most important factor to consider when launching […]

What is Tokenomics? 

What is Tokonomics? Tokonomics is a core part of any Web3 project that is based on Crypto/Blockchain. It is a combination of two different words, i.e., Token and Economics:  Tokenomics is defined as “the practice of designing the economics of a crypto token so that users/holders of tokens can get the value associated with these […]