In a way, stocks are the OG tokens. Stocks “tokenized” corporations – allowing small investors to own small stakes. With blockchain, anything can be tokenized. Buy an apartment in New York with 10 friends, break it up into 10 tokens. Tokenization is truly the next big thing since slice bread.  

Crypto tokens can either be generated as fungible (divisible and non-unique; think Bitcoin) and non-fungible (unique and non-divisible; think art in the form of NFT) tokens 

Helium created a wireless network of over 680,000 nodes in 166 countries in just 3 years … how so fast? They used the power of the crown and incentivized them through HNT tokens. Setup a wireless hotspots and start earning HNT tokens by allowing others to use your wifi. Heliums from 1,000 to 650,000 in just 3 years

Tokenomics is defined as“the practice of designing the economics of a crypto token so that users/holders of tokens can get the value associated with these tokens.” Tokenomics has become the backbone of almost all the Web3 and blockchain projects because these projects need an economic value to their tokens to survive and thrive.

We analyzed 10 successful Web3 projects and assessed the average Token Distribution. We analyzed Ape Coin (BAYC), Avalanche, Flow, Solana, Axie Infinity, Sandbox, Decentraland, Fantom, Genopets and Perpetual Finance. 

Tokonomics is a broad topic and is still in its infancy because of the rapid developments in Web3 and blockchain industry. We have established the following 4-step approach to design better Tokonomics for any blockchain venture.

Tokonomics is a broad topic and Creating a vibrant and connected Community is foundational for crypto/web3 projects. Why? These projects are built on top of blockchains. Inherent in blockchains is ownership. Network effects are enabled when a large community “owns” a project, this in turn drives success 

When all these factors are put together, the flywheel spins, creating trust, a sense of ownership and followership allowing brands to reap long-term benefits. 

Our Blockchain consulting team has devised a great service strategy to scaling web3 communities. With all the talk around building great communities, our team of Crypto Consultants know exactly what is needed, from setting the base to scaling it to incentivizing community and that is why tokenomics is at the core of any crypto venture.

A well planned-out strategy is the one you want to take, so check out our Tokenomics blog to understand the fundamentals or get in touch with our Hypermode Crypto Consultants to take your community to the next level. 

The most widely used platform for Crypto/Blockchain projects is Discord. With features that enable to set the stage for crypto community to build and grow, below we explore Discord as the favorite platform!
At Hypermode we are incubating Mertium – a crypto & finance news aggregator that uses advanced AI to show trending crypto news along with latest market trends in a hyper-personalized manner. 

Tech has taken off. The first wave was Web1 (remember Yahoo and Craigslist?) and then came Web2 (think Netflix and Uber). Think about all the apps your phone … God forbid we have to live without our phone for a day?