Guide To Crypto Community Management : –Step 2

Salahuddin Khawaja

Published: October 28, 2022

Kick Starting Community Management

Kickstarting your community management can be tough at times, but we are here to make this journey smoother. Here is the step by step guide from Hypermode’s blockchain consulting experts to help you scale your community, starts with:

1- Value Proposition and Brand Positioning

A crypto project should clearly state the value it is going to deliver. Start thinking through the questions: What problem is the product solving? How is the product adding value?  How is the brand being positioned in front of the customers? Everything from the content to brand look and feel, each step is essential to build the brand.  

Ethereum is a great example, it brings in the value by becoming a dominant smart contract platform. It has given a meaning to web3 in form of scalability and has the highest share of dapp and NFT markets. Ethereum provides the required value and is positioned as a go to blockchain platform for any form of development. 

2- Target audience

Who is the targeted audience? Where to find them? How to get them involved? To become loved have to spread love. Love can take the form of a token. Do you have a token that incentivizes them to get involved? Can you find common interest?
Take the example of Axie Infinity – a game based on the play to earn model where all the gamers were incentivized and motivated to get involved in forming the future of the game.

3- Platforms

Where will the crypto community be built? Here are the goto places for web3 projects:  

3.1 Discord- The ever-growing platform which started from being a game chat to becoming the key platform where crypto companies build and grow their community.

Channels, integrated voice, video calls and screen-sharing, it has everything to make life easier for moderators, the best part? User controls everything. Slack and Riot are also used by some crypto communities, but these platforms haven’t gained enough traction to be considered mainstream options in the crypto world.

3.2 Reddit- Quora on steroids. The platform where brands get love and hate at the same time. Critics will hammer them like no tomorrow and the best part is gaining brand recognition and feedback, teams are able to tackle user pain points head-on.

3.3 Telegram- WhatsApp on crack A platform where direct interaction with community is possible, definitely have less control than on discord, but it is a platform where crypto fanatics are on day and night. Goal is to keep the crypto community constantly engaged on the desired platform.

Once the platform has been finalized, next steps would be to create its base structure and keep building on with the right approach.

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