How To Get Started on Discord and Scale your Crypto Community

Salahuddin Khawaja

Published: November 16, 2022

The most widely used platform for Crypto/Blockchain projects is Discord. With features that enable to set the stage for crypto community to build and grow, below we explore Discord as the favorite platform!

Deep Dive: Discord Growth Hacks

We have 5 simple Discord growth hacks that will help brands get more out of the platform.

1- Server Creation

2- Creating a content calendar

3- Continuous Engagement

4- Following our Growth Loop

5- Server Advertisement

Server Creation

Creating a solid foundation on discord. This includes everything from carefully tiered groups, adding bots for verification and permissions, relevant channels and role assignments.

The end-to-end planning is imperative for the creation of a professional and attractive discord server.

Creating a Content Calendar

Deciding what goes up and when? Graphics or text posts? What accounts to engage with? These are some of the questions to be answered when preparing content calendar. Planning ahead will ensure successful execution of the posting schedule and it also helps to not run out of content to post!

Continuous Engagement

Nothing better than organic marketing, here you have pointers to just keep it real, keep it relevant, have your community join in on insightful discussions and conversations, make use of Discords voice channels and host events, make sure to give back to community with giveaways, nothing gains loyalty more than giving valuable insights/rewards. All of this helps crypto community gain a sense of ownership and feel like a part of something bigger.

Following our Growth Loop

Server Advertisement

Boost your server- but how?

Cross advertise on different servers, incentivize the community, utilize server listings and advertise on relevant platforms. Go crazy with Twitter, Telegram and Reddit! Tell people what’s so great about your product, spark their curiosity and have them join! Make sure to spend on ads that matter, ads that will help get returns. Make certain that target audience realizes the value of being a part of community and they spread the word, nothing more reliable than what you’ve heard from a friend, Right?

All of this comes down to how you reap the benefits of different platforms, specifically about Discord – it’s super quick and easy to join, it’s fast paced so it automatically increases efficiency within server, it’s super community oriented so you get to hear their feedback instantly. Makes it great for customer service and of course, last but definitely not the least, it improves the brand credibility and helps you gain awareness within the crypto community!


Successful crypto projects need state-of-the-art tech – that is for sure. But, without a vibrant community, the web3 is like a super car without fuel a battery. Crypto community management is not an easy thing, each step needs a well curated strategy. From choosing the required platforms to building the right incentivization model or tokenomics and delivering a community driven eco system.

Are you sold?

With all the 101 things you need to consider when community building, we live and breathe all things crypto and growth.

Want to scale and grow your Crypto/Web3 projects? We’re a click away!

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