Hyper Scaling your Crypto & Web3 Community!

Salahuddin Khawaja

Published: October 8, 2022

Creating a vibrant and connected Community is foundational for crypto/web3 projects. Why? These projects are built on top of blockchains. Inherent in blockchains is ownership. Network effects are enabled when a large community ownsa project, this in turn drives success.  

It’s no different from winning an election, if you don’t have great community support – you are not going to win!

Community members play different roles: supporter, customer, investor and evangelist. These various, diverse roles collectively form the heartbeat of a web3 project.

We plan to publish a 5 step guide to successfully building and scaling a blockchain community.

Approach to Scaling Web3 Communities

1. Community Management Background and Engineering Followership

2. Kickstarting Community Management

3. Approach to Scaling your Web3 Communities

4. Tokenomics: Incentivizing your Community

5. Deep Dive: Discord Growth Hacks

TL;DR – Summary

Here is a sneak peak. We get into Cult Brands with strong followership:

And followership from your community can be engineered through this approach:

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