Hypermode Methodology – Framework for Tokonomics Design 

he most important factor to consider when launching the crypto token is to identify the token-to-market fit. Actual need for a token in the market! Need that drives the demand and supply factors. “token-to-market fit is the new product-to-market fit for businesses in Web3, William Mougayar” Sooner or later, all businesses in blockchain need to launch their crypto tokens.

What is Tokenomics? 

Tokenomics is defined as “the practice of designing the economics of a crypto token so that users/holders of tokens can get the value associated with these tokens.”
Tokenomics has become the backbone of almost all the Web3 and blockchain projects because these projects need an economic value to their tokens to survive and thrive. Tokenomics therefore, is the process that helps a project to identify the way it can transfer the economic value of a token to its holder.