Unpacking a Customer Centric Approach to Scaling Crypto Communities

Salahuddin Khawaja

Published: December 20, 2022

Approach to Scaling Web3 Communities

Figuring out the right approach to scaling web3 communities can be quite overwhelming, with the combined expertise of world class crypto consultants, we have penned down the best way to approach web3 communities, introducing CULT.

Customer- Ensuring customer satisfaction, gathering feedback and saving costs.

Understanding- Understanding of product, how it solves customers problems and driving new leads/users towards community

Leadership- Leading the customers through successful contributions and collaborative projects.

Tailor-made- Tailor-made projects, content and visuals to increase customer loyalty and retention leading towards customer expansion.
Our Blockchain consulting team has devised a great service strategy to scaling web3 communities.

With all the talk around building great communities, our team of Crypto Consultants know exactly what is needed, from setting the base to scaling it to incentivizing community and that is why tokenomics is at the core of any crypto venture.

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